Bellezza Spa Studio

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This process removes the outermost layer of skin with a light abrasion .  Microdermabrasion is used to remove sun damaged skin, helps reduce scars and wrinkles, pigmentation of skin as well as reduces the frequency of acne breakouts. It also helps to stimulate the production of new skin cells and collagen and helps to maintain the elastin, resulting in a firmer, smoother, more youthful looking skin over time.
Face: $125
Course of 6: $600
Chest: $160
Back: $210
Add Mask for $25/treatment

Inch-loss treatments

Using Eurowave technology this provides direct muscle stimulation.  This treatment is designed to provide instant inch loss in just one session.  Equivalent to doing 200 sit-ups in 18 minutes! This treatment is for the major troublesome areas: Thighs, Abs, upper arms, butt and hips.
Regular session: $75
Course of 10: $700
Course of 20 $1300

 Universal Contour Body Wrap

Lose 6" in just one treatment. This detoxifying body wrap uses all natural clay to release toxins and creates noticeable inch loss, increased circulation and toned and tightened skin.  Reduce the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks and loose skin. Results are guaranteed for 30 days. This is a great treatment to kickstart a weight loss plan or if you are having a hard time getting rid of those stubborn inches. After a course of three wraps, most clients will have lost a complete dress size. Results are cumulative and most clients can lose 20 - 30" over the course of three wraps.
Regular session: $175
Course of 2: $315
Course of 3: $425

Cellulite Reduction/Stretch Mark Treatment

Achieve results with the Galvanic Spa.  This Spa treatment concentrates cellular energy to target pockets of fat and toxins.  This advanced treatment helps decrease fat storage and activate fat breakdown, promoting a firmer more toned appearance.  With each treatment your skin will feel tighter and smoother.  This treatment is non-invasive, comfortable and efficient. This is also a great treatment to truly minimize stretch marks, and smooth and firm the skin. 

Regular session: $70
Course of 10: $600

Cellulite Reduction using Eurowave technology

Cellulite reduction using Eurowave, helps to breakdown cellulite beneath the skins surface, creating a smooth appearance in the skin.  This method is non-invasive! Your skin will feel noticeably smoother, tighter and less bumpy! A course of 10 is usually recommended for best results. Includes bonus Cellulite cream applied after treatment to tighten and smooth even more!  

Regular Session - $75

Course of 10 - $700

Course of 20 - $1300

Express Facial
Remove dead skin for a youthful radiant look with the "Express-Exfoliating Facial", Exfoliation, steam and deep cleaning help rid the skin of impurities. So come relax, unwind and walk out feeling refreshed after a 30 min treatment. 
Express Facial - $40

Add a Gel Mask customized for your skin - $25 add on (additional 20 min)

Dermal Roller Therapy System 

This is a non-surgical and non-invasive treatment which helps treat various skin conditions such as aging, wrinkles, sagging, scarring, stretch marks, cellulite and hyper-pigmentation.  Serum absorption is increased by as much as 3,000 times when applied by the MTS Roller.  The MTS Roller leaves the entire epidermal barrier fully intact.  The micro-channels created by 200 precision surgical stainless steel needles seal within hours after application: long enough for new collagen structures to form and short enough to allow the client to resume normal schedules quickly. Includes Serum with session.  Noticable results in just one treatment!  

Session - $100

Airbrush Tanning 

Using the SunFX award winning tanning system!  SunFX created the first naturally based Spray Tanning Solution being free from alcohol, artificial preservatives, perfumes and other potentially dangerous chemicals.  Get your summer's tan the safe and natural way. You will leave bronzed and beautiful!

Session - $40

Package of 10 - $ 250

Face & Neck tan - $15

Red Light Therapy 

The result of the skin's exposure to red light includes anti-aging benefits, firming and smoothing of the skin, diminished fine lines and wrinkles and increased collagen and elastin.This treatment is also beneficial for skin pigmentation including age spot and sun spots . You can see results in as little as 8 - 10 sessions.  30 min sessions

Session - $40 includes collagen gel and/or serum based on skins needs

Package of 10 - $350 

Organic Body Scrubs -  

Using Eminence Products - the organic skin care line! Apricot Sugar Scrub or Cranberry Pomegranate Scrub.  This treatment helps to refine and smooth skin.  Also exfoliates, increases circulation and deeply hydrates the skin.  Works great before a Body Wrap to help prepare skin to allow for maximum absorbtion of the clay.

Session:  $100

Package of 2:   $180

BACK FACIAL - using Eminence organic scrub!  This treatment cleans out the pores of the back, reducing back acne and leaving skin renewed and refreshed.  A deep hydration cream in the final step to ensuring your back is at its optimal hydration level.

Session :  $150

Paraffin Wax Treatment - a Luxurious add-on treatment to help moisturize hands or feet.

Cost with another treatment - $10